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This is a sample itinerary to give you an idea of how we could plan your vacation. Normally, we begin by sending you a proposal and then work together closely with you to personalize the itinerary according to your specific interests and requirements. We also try to include any special events that might be taking place during the period of the visit.
Here we suggest starting and ending in Florence, however you can also plan to go straight to your villa when you arrive in Tuscany and depart from there on the last day if you have fewer days for your trip – just keep in mind that villa rentals run weekly from Saturday to Saturday.
The towns and venues mentioned in the itinerary will vary, based on the location of your selected accommodation. We try to plan day trips that require no more than 1 hour's driving time to the sightseeing destination – this way your visit can remain a vacation.

Sample Itinerary (For Women Only: Siena) 10 days/9 nights

DAY 1 (Fri.):
Arrive in Florence. Take a taxi from airport/station to a charming historic B&B or hotel in the city center. Free afternoon/evening in Florence to relax and dine in one of the city's great restaurants, (usually one of our representatives will come to meet you at the hotel in the late afternoon to say hello and provide suggestions for dinner and anything else you may need.)

DAY 2 (Sat.):

After breakfast, take a guided walking tour through the historic city center of Florence. If you don't rent a car, our drivers will take you to the villa in the early afternoon. When you arrive, relax and settle in, enjoy the stunning views and explore the beautiful grounds.
A traditional Tuscan welcome dinner at the villa, prepared by your personal chef, will be the perfect way to end the day.

DAY 3 (Sun.):

Start the day with a scenic drive through the extraordinary river valley of Val d'Orcia, famous for its stunning landscapes and historic towns, such as Montepulciano, San Quirico and Pienza. We would suggest having a private guide accompany you for the day so you can fully enjoy the experience. The first stop for a visit could be Pienza, founded by Pope Pious II in 1462 as a Utopian City, where the fusion of art, beauty and culture results in one of the most glorious examples of a Renaissance center, in fact the town was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Along with its picturesque beauty, Pienza is known for its delicious pecorino (sheep's milk) cheese. No visit would be complete without a sampling of this delicacy in the many local shops that line the quaint narrow streets. Afterwards, you will take a short trip to the hamlet of Montichiello, a tiny gem that seems to have been forgotten by time, where a sumptuous lunch awaits you in a small restaurant, full of character, that is sure to remain a favorite. The rest of the day can be spent visiting the other small towns… the hardest part is deciding which ones!
Return to the villa in the late afternoon to unwind and enjoy a light dinner at "home".

DAY 4 (Mon.):

Today you're off to Bagno Vignoni, one of the oldest hot springs in Europe. You will spend a luxurious day of total relaxation and wellness at the spa. The therapeutic properties of the thermal waters and a wide range of beauty treatments await you in an elegant setting. The most sophisticated techniques are coupled with ancient traditions to regenerate your body and mind. Before returning to the villa you will visit the historic center of Bagno Vignoni, with its characteristic "Square of Sources", a large rectangular tank from the 16th century which still contains the source of water which comes from the ancient underground aquifer of volcanic origins.
After a rest at the villa, you'll enjoy a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant.
DAY 5 (Tues.):
When in wine country, drink wine! Visit one of the most characteristic and famous Tuscan hilltop towns, Montalcino, home of the world renowned Brunello wine. Although Montalcino is no longer a secret to the tourist community, it is still such a rare gem that it cannot be overlooked. If you have never been there, you have really missed something. So, we can't let you reside in the area without having you see why so many around the world consider it to be one of Tuscany's loveliest medieval towns (although its history can be traced as far back as the Etruscans!). A wine tasting in one of the award-winning Brunello wineries is another must. You can also make a stop at the nearby Abbey of Sant'Antimo, an incredible example of Tuscan Romanesque architecture, whose origins date back to the days of Charlemagne. Still a functioning monastery, the friars will delight you with their Gregorian chanting – a truly exceptional experience. The evening will be spent at the villa, where your personal chef will prepare a wonderful home cooked meal.

DAY 6 (Wed.):
Today it's a memorable cooking class at an organic family-run farm in Castellina in Chianti. This fun experience wins over even those who were skeptical about taking a cooking course! Much more than a cooking class, you will spend the day on this stunning wine estate with the friendly owners who will explain and take you on a tour to see how the organic farm is run. Then you'll participate in a hands-on cooking class, while sipping their excellent wine and making new friends (or having fun with yours) - to prepare some of Tuscany's best traditional recipes. You'll even take a break for a wine tasting in the estate's cellars. After lunch, you can take a walk thorough nearby Castellina in Chianti to discover some of its hidden secrets.
Late afternoon return to the villa where you can relax and later enjoy a light dinner "at home".

DAY 7 (Thurs.):

Today, if you are with a large group, you can decide to split up and do two different activities, so everyone can pick what they like best:
Discover the unique hills and valleys of the Crete Senesi, which literally means "Sienese clays" – the distinctive grey color of the soil gives the landscape an appearance often described as lunar. A drive through this characteristic territory will include stops at the undiscovered villages that are scattered throughout: Buonconvento, Asciano, San Giovanni d'Asso (Italy's white truffle capital) and the Renaissance monastery of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, just to name a few options. It is a wonderful opportunity to see a beautiful area that is still relatively unexplored by the majority of tourists. You will also enjoy a gourmet lunch at a local restaurant.
If you prefer a day to relax, you can stay at the villa. Explore the local area by taking a nature walk or just unwind on a lounger by the pool with a good book and let the breathtaking views fill your soul. Pamper yourselves with a massage, manicure, or beauty treatment – a professional from a local salon will be on hand to fulfill your requests. We will also offer you the possibility to take a Yoga class with a qualified instructor.
Dinner for all back at the villa will be a special treat…

DAY 8 (Fri.):
Your final day will include a visit to an artisan's workshop so you can watch the production of an original Italian handicraft. A behind the scenes look will give you new insight into what the label Made in Italy really stands for. Lunch will be in a quaint town where afterwards you will have time to shop for souvenirs and stop for a delicious espresso. Then it is back to the villa to rest and pack, before a sumptuous farewell dinner at the house.
DAY 9 (Sat.):
Leave the villa in the morning after breakfast. Return to Florence and check into a historic B&B or hotel for the final night. Spend a free afternoon enjoying the city.
Enjoy dinner at a characteristic restaurant.

DAY 10 (Sun.):

After breakfast, it is "arrivederci" (which means "see you again")…
We hope you had a memorable vacation with NewTuscanExperience! Hopefully we'll have you back again soon to try another itinerary or a different province!

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