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This is a sample itinerary to give you an idea of how we could plan your vacation. Normally, we begin by sending you a proposal and then work together closely with you to personalize the itinerary according to your specific interests and requirements. We also try to include any special events that might be taking place during the period of the visit.
Here we suggest starting and ending in Florence, however you can also plan to go straight to your villa when you arrive in Tuscany and depart from there on the last day if you have fewer days for your trip – just keep in mind that villa rentals run weekly from Saturday to Saturday.
The towns and venues mentioned in the itinerary will vary, based on the location of your selected accommodation. We try to plan day trips that require no more than 1 hour's driving time to the sightseeing destination – this way your visit can remain a vacation.

Sample Itinerary (Countryside Dynamic: Arezzo) 10 days/9 nights

DAY 1 (Fri.):
Arrive in Florence. Take a taxi from airport/station to a charming historic B&B or hotel in the city center. Free afternoon/evening in Florence to relax and dine in one of the city's great restaurants, (usually one of our representatives will come to meet you at the hotel in the late afternoon to say hello and provide suggestions for dinner and anything else you may need.)
DAY 2 (Sat.):
After breakfast, take a guided walking tour through the historic city center of Florence. If you don't rent a car, our driver will take you to the villa in the early afternoon. When you arrive, relax and settle in, enjoy the stunning views and explore the beautiful grounds. A traditional Tuscan welcome dinner at the villa, prepared by your personal chef, will be the perfect way to end the day.

DAY 3 (Sun.):

Today you will visit Arezzo, one of the best preserved examples of a medieval and Renaissance city. It's no small wonder that Roberto Benigni chose it as the setting for his Oscar winning film La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful). A guided walking tour will enable you to fully appreciate the historic significance of this magnificent city. The old town, perched on a hill overlooking the valley, has an impressive array of monuments, art and museums but it is also a dynamic commercial center, full of wonderful shops and vibrant venues. Famous for its antiques fair (on the first weekend of every month), gold industry and historic pageants it is likely that your visit will include an exciting event to make the day even more special. Have lunch in a traditional restaurant, where you will have the chance to try some of the delicious local specialties.
Evening at the villa where you will be treated to a wonderful home cooked meal and a surprise…

DAY 4 (Mon.):

Visit the Parco Naturale di Cavriglia, a natural oasis that covers nearly 1,500 acres of wooded land. An incredible array of wildlife lives free in the preserve, making it a unique opportunity to see a variety of species up close in their natural habitat. You can even choose to explore the beauty of this extraordinary park on horseback. A picnic lunch will make the experience complete.
Return to the villa and, after a rest, enjoy a delicious dinner at a typical local restaurant.

DAY 5 (Tues.):
Take an amazing guided bicycle ride along the Canale Maestro di Chiana (Master Canal of the Chiana Valley). The Canal is a hydraulic engineering achievement which began in the 16th century and resulted in reclaiming the submersed land that connects Arezzo to Siena. This journey through time and nature will take you into the heart of the Etruscan world. You will be surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and orchards as you pedal along this award winning bicycle route; it was recognized as the third best green trail in Europe, receiving the European Greenways Award in 2011. Stop and visit the charming hamlets along the canal. This easy trail can be done by all, allowing you to immerse yourselves in this peaceful setting and take it "slow" to really enjoy the beautiful scenery. You'll stop for lunch along the way.
Return to the villa in the evening and relax! Dinner will be a treat prepared by your chef.

DAY 6 (Wed.):

The province of Arezzo's strategic location means that you can easily reach some of the most scenic and popular sites in the nearby province of Siena. The beautiful Val d'Orcia is at your doorstep and today you will set out to explore this impressive valley. A guide will show you all the most important spots along the way, as you combine nature with culture to create the perfect excursion. You will stop at one of the famous hilltop towns to enjoy a wine tasting and some of the local specialties for lunch.
Back at the villa in the evening, you will participate in a hands-on pizza night with a professional "pizzaiolo" who will help you to create your favorite pizza.

DAY 7 (Thurs.):
Today, if you are with a large group, you can decide to split up and do two different activities, so everyone can pick what they like best:
Ride a mountain bike on the cypress-lined roads that wind across the rolling hills that are Tuscany's trademark. Explore some of the beautiful rural countryside with an expert guide. Make stops (also for a bite to eat) and take detours off the main route, based on your interests and abilities. Take in the fresh air and the incredible colors of the landscape as you see for yourself how generous Mother Nature has been with this area of the world.
If you prefer, you can go on a tour of Castiglion Fiorentino, a charming hilltop town with splendid panoramic views of the valley Val di Chio and the Pre-Apennine Mountains. The medieval structure of the town remains intact, as can be seen from the defensive walls that surround it and the towers that dominate its skyline. Once inside the imposing gates, there are beautiful monuments to visit and a variety of shops filled with lovely handicrafts and local gourmet products that make strolling the narrow streets all the more pleasant. You'll also enjoy a typical Tuscan light lunch in town.
Everyone will meet back at the villa for a rest before heading to dinner at a favorite local restaurant.

DAY 8 (Fri.):

While in the province of Arezzo, you cannot miss seeing Cortona, an exquisite medieval town you'll be sure to remember. Many foreigners have been charmed by this beautiful place, including Francis Mayes who featured it in her successful book Under the Tuscan Sun. Cortona has also captured the hearts of many artists and intellectuals making it a thriving cultural center, full of art galleries and artisan shops. The international music and art Tuscan Sun Festival is one of the summer season's highlights. Take a walk up and down (literally) its enchanting streets, and be sure to look out from the town walls where the views are breathtaking. A delicious lunch in a scenic spot will top off the experience.
Return to the villa to unwind, pack and get ready for a sumptuous farewell dinner by the chef.

DAY 9 (Sat.):

Leave the villa in the morning after breakfast. Return to Florence and check into a historic B&B or hotel for the final night. Spend a free afternoon enjoying the city.
Enjoy dinner at a characteristic restaurant.

DAY 10 (Sun.):
After breakfast, it is "arrivederci" (which means "see you again")…
We hope you had a memorable vacation with NewTuscanExperience! Hopefully we'll have you back again soon to try another itinerary or a different province!

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