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Areas of Tuscany

Area of ChiantiChianti is probably the most well known part of Tuscany, thanks also to the world famous wine that bears its name. An extensive area between Florence and Siena, the Chianti region encompasses the best of what Tuscany has to offer, making it a favorite with tourists. The stunning landscapes of rolling hills lined with cypress trees, where vineyards alternate with olive groves to create a patchwork of incomparable natural beauty, leave the visitor in awe. The historic and artistic significance of this area is characterized by charming medieval villages, castles and magnificent villas scattered throughout the countryside, rendering it even more picturesque. A long-standing tradition of exquisite gourmet food and excellent wine makes Chianti an eno-gastronomic paradise, which, when coupled with exceptional Tuscan hospitality, means a dream vacation  destination.

Area of MugelloThe Mugello valley lies only a few kilometers to the north of Florence, making it very convenient for access to the city. Its majestic expanse of rolling green hills, dotted with cypress trees, make this up-and-coming area of Tuscany a nature lover’s dream. Countless activities will keep the more sporty visitor busy: hiking, horseback riding, biking, water sports (on the extraordinary Bilancino Lake) are only a few of the possibilities. The Mugello also offers many historical and artistic places of interest. Typical of the Tuscan tradition, there is an abundance of medieval castles and villas (the Medici themselves had quite a few here). Quaint towns and villages, still unexploited, await to be explored. Enjoy regional gourmet delicacies and visit the nearby wine country. Shop at one of the most famous Italian designer outlets. The options are endless to make your vacation a perfect one.

SienaThe province of Siena is renowned for its scenic beauty, fine wine,  artistic and cultural heritage, as well as its historic architecture. The world famous medieval towns of Montepulciano, Montalcino, San Gimignano and Pienza (to name but a few) all belong to this famous province. The territory is distinguished by four stunning valleys, named after the rivers which run through them: Val d’Orcia, Val d’Elsa, Val di Chiana, Val di Merse. Each is unique and offers an incredible array of characteristics that can satisfy the interests of the most discerning  traveler. The south is particular for its ancient hot springs and a distinctive landscape, which differs from other areas of Tuscany due to the composition of its soil, conferring an almost lunar appearance to this expansive valley known as Crete Senesi (literally, Sienese Clays). The warm hospitality that awaits you in this exceptional part of Tuscany promises to ensure a truly memorable visit.

ArezzoThe province of Arezzo is in the southeastern part of Tuscany, bordering on Umbria. Its history  dates back to the Etruscans. The beautiful city of Arezzo lies at the heart of four distinct river valleys. The historic old town is one of the most impressive examples of medieval and Renaissance art and architecture, which explains why it was chosen as the setting for Roberto Benigni’s Oscar winning film La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful). Famous for its gold industry, antiques fair, local pageants and festivals, Arezzo is a dynamic center for tourism. The surrounding areas offer an impressive variety of landscapes, from the plains which open onto the valley of Val di Chiana and the Arno River, to the typical rolling hills that distinguish all of Tuscany, to a mountainous area in the east. Among its many small town gems is Cortona, perched above the Valdichiana valley, an artisan and artistic center par excellence. True to the  tradition of Tuscany, the province of Arezzo offers its visitors cordial hospitality, excellent food and wine, art, history and incredible natural beauty. The possibilities for a wonderful vacation are infinite.

LuccaThe province of Lucca includes the renowned resorts of Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Capannori, Camaiore and Pietrasanta. The three main areas that comprise this varied territory are the plains to the east of the capital city; Garfagnana, the mountainous area between the Alps and the Apennines; and Versilia, the coastal region famous for its luxurious seaside resorts. The city of Lucca, birthplace to Giacomo Puccini, is another historic masterpiece of Italy. Surrounded by an imposing defensive wall, the heart of the city beholds numerous architectural and artistic treasures. Cited by the New York Times as having some of “Italy’s most compelling (food) – almost certainly the best in Tuscany…”, it is no wonder that tourists are starting to notice this quieter and less crowded Tuscan sister city. Close to many points of interest, even those outside the province, Lucca offers a great starting place to get another angle on Tuscany.

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